Strange Time.

I have a Defcon 1 man cold. It’s messing me up. My nose is red raw. The constant leak of gloopy fluid from one nostril, whilst the other is so blocked it’s creating an inward pressure that’s delivering a constant dull ache to my eyeballs. Then the cough. The lure of the “it’s ok” inward breath followed by the transition to outward breath and the tickle station catching you out. Cue the squeaky, raspy edge “SKRAK” at full force and resulting sting in the throat. It’s miserable.

We all have it. I’m the leader of the pack right now, with the most developed and outwardly compromised position. Mrs is a couple of days behind, with Missy showing early signs. Which means it’ll probably be perfect timing to catch it again as I make the around-about from misery to happiness. Today. Aha Aha.

I’ve been trucking around a lot lately, up and down to London to sort out what we hope will be the next instalment of investment in our company. It’s really exciting but in equal and often greater measures, terrifying. We are at the mercy of the will of the people, and where professional investment is concerned, on the chopping block. We built this from nothing and someone is interested in a piece of it. Yet the way to get it isn’t to ask nicely, or to hold our hands. It’s by dissecting and examining and picking apart our feelings about the subject. Then serving them back to us on a plate much smaller than we had projected. It’s business. This is what it is; brutal talk and undervaluing, or maybe realistic valuing because they haven’t worked around the clock for 4 years to get to where we are. They see it from the outside. And that’s what we need. Outsider perspective. Where to go. What to do. Yet we are also quite reluctant as we’ve always done it our way. And we’ve carved our niche out for ourselves, using goodwill and community. It’s that community spirit that we will rely on most to get through what could be a huge boulder in our path.

In other news. New projects and new goals equals new learning time. As the guy who shoots and edits all our vids for the company, it has been brought to my attention (by me) that our production quality just isn’t keeping up with what’s generally accepted these days as good. For that reason we invested recently in a bunch of new things, most excitingly of which is a drone and a camera, both of which are 4k capable. This is the standard I want to set and it’s the one I can now achieve with this gear. It’s terribly exciting; it gives a lot of scope for generally higher production value content and, once accustomed and fluent in the language of drones and 4k videos, the potential to deliver above expectation stuff for a company our size in our industry. I just need to get the weather to fly the blasted thing. Scotland, eh?

I’ve always admired the vintage-ness of people shooting on Leica’s and Fuji’s, with those retro aesthetics and smart corduroy trousers. Well I’m now one of those, but it’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as the wee Fuji I have is a proper 4k video powerhouse. It delivers exceptional looking videos from the wee tiny body and does it with aplomb. And it looks cracking.


The glow of unboxing and trying the little X-T3 for a few hours gave way to notions of converting myself completely over to the Fuji eco-system. Get shot of the mighty powerful Nikon D800 and my achingly beautiful (yet achingly heavy) Sigma art lenses and just float, absorbed and nourished by the vintage vibes of the little silver flashed Fuji and the positively minuscule form factor; not forgetting the aesthetic appeal of being “one of those guys.” I even thought, “why do I need a camera that pumps out such high res photographs, when these smaller, grainier images are more than I really need?”

Then I took a picture of the Fuji using the Nikon and I reminded myself why a full-frame sensor and fast, gigantic glass is so bloody appealing; it’s the best. It’s the best of the best. It’s silk sheets slipping over the eyes, enveloping and engaging with little effort, or truly exciting and absorbing with a bit more effort. Yeah the Fuji is the best of it’s kind for video (so my 4 weeks of intensive research has led me to believe anyway) but when it comes to stills photography, yes there is that “Fuji look” going on and the small and light physical presence allows you to discreetly waft it about the place. There’s certainly no lugging happening with the Fuji as I have to do with the Nikon & Sigma combo. But, playing with the Fuji for a few days solid, then picking up the Nikon makes me feel a bit bloody jazzed about owning a camera like the D800. And that’s good news! Because I now have the tools at hand for all my needs, whether still or moving. I’m sorry I doubted you. As you were, my dear Nikon friend.

It’s late now and it’s Missy’s nursery sports day tomorrow. I can’t believe how tall and gangly she is getting, or how she can reach the tap and soap now to wash her hands after she’s pee’d all by herself. It’s proper self-sustaining, almost. She still demands food and stuff like that, but she’s a dextrous, vastly able little person and I love that little person with more power than in a million years of sunlight. She is the light. And I am her most devoted worshipper. Even if she stomps her feet when she can’t get a biscuit.

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