Mid-week Easter hols and our most exciting escapade this week; Glasgow Science Centre. I was really looking forward to this, especially after the underwhelming visit to the Dundee equivalent, where Missy was completely disinterested in everything in that place. There was also the pre-booked visit to the Planetarium to look forward to here, and possibly, if Missy played ball, a trek up the tower!

There is literally hundreds of things to do here. All interactive. All ready for all ages to have a go, including adults! Missy was in her element of fiddle. Every little button or flapper or twizzle or beeper was pushed and pulled, all the buttons that illuminated were mashed to bits. Darting around, Missy was quite hard to keep tabs on and in that humming throng of Glaswegian accents and crying children, it became a bit stressful, but we managed to wrangle her enough to be in her orbit but not throttling her spirit. We had a decent lunch in the cafe earlier than planned; it was so busy we thought we’d miss the masses and it turned out to be the case. Finishing our lunch there was a massive queue forming already.

Back up the levels we went until we reached the top. Here was the body related stuff and as we wandered around we knew Missy wasn’t going to be interested in this area, but I found a wee booth thing inside which was a giant touch screen. This touch screen operated a 3D scanned autopsy table for a selected amount of people who had died. I chose a car crash victim and set about rotating around this actual person in 3D, working out why she had died. Turned out her femur had snapped, but it was the neck break that killed her. A bit morbid maybe but the technology to do this, and present it interactively was really powerful.

Then a small child spilled a full bottle of Irn Bru on the floor and the area was evacuated, so we headed back downwards to catch our slot at the Planetarium. This was a really amazing presentation on the 360 degree projection screen and despite some wriggly children and shouts of “I’m scared Mummy” from others (not our Missy though who loved it) we enjoyed the show. We did wish however that we could attend an adults only one, as we’d love to see and have explained the cosmos in more detail.

A coffee stop and a quick journey back home rounded out the day. It was really great and Missy loved it. We will be back, no doubt.

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