It’s been a bit of a struggle the past week both in work and in family life. Work issues are all mostly resolved leaving the fam. The biggest stumbling point at the minute is Missy and her sleeping habits. Sometimes she’s hassle free, sleeping from 7:30pm-ish all the way through to 5-6am. Last week she was coming out the other side of chicken pox, which was a struggle in and of itself, but then she’s been up and down with various ailments, from sore heads to being sick once in an evening and no more thereafter.

One of the issues is the perception Missy holds that she can waft through at any-o’clock and get into our bed, snuggle in and fall asleep. Sometimes I wake up and she’s there, other times I wake up as she’s wrestling her way in. In the early few times of this happening the novelty of having a wee person in the bed to cuddle was nice, but soon it was a bit awkward as small people like to wriggle, and wriggling causes sleeping big people to move out the way and ultimately Daddy ends up sleeping on a knife-edge.

Last night it was clear early on it would be a difficult evening, as Missy woke up around 10:30pm and then again at 11pm then again at 11:30pm. The first time I was watching Gladiator and she perhaps was woken with Maximus perplexed that his family were slain. The next two times the house, and us two, were silent. The 4th time she awoke I began the long and arduous process of negotiation, which ultimately took 2 hours but resulted in Missy in her own bed, asleep for the remainder of the night. 5am she trotted through.

In an effort to burn her out for tonight’s excitement overload, we went for a walk up to the golf course. It was really cold and frosty but with the jackets on and hats plonked, we meandered up and around the course, stopping now and again to take frosty pictures and get Missy snacks. Mrs made the fatal mistake of wondering if we should nip into The Court House for some lunch and I snapped her hand off. It would probably be packed and reservationed, but we would try anyway after we had walked a bit further. We started over the course perimeter but there were golfers on the course. It’s amazing to me just how far these golfers will go to, for a game. It’s ultra frosty, the ground is hard as a rock, it’s white and cold. Yet here we are, on Christmas Eve and people are out for a game involving a white ball and standing around a lot. Anyway Mrs got a bit scared that we’d either interrupt a game or get hit by a wayward ball so retreated back the way we came.

Missy announced she was needing a number 2, so we made quick moves back up towards the restaurant and in, to find one solitary table available. We snapped it up and felt really lucky as the very next minute someone else was requesting an impromptu table for 4, and they had to be let down. We were in though, and set about ordering and trying our best to keep Missy from ogling at all the other people eating. We soon had food, drinks and some good chat with Heather, whom Eva took a shining to. Then back out into the cold and around to the house for an afternoon of films and treats. I had scouted out Hook for the 2pm screening but soon Mrs was questioning my choice as Eva cowered and decided that Hook was boring. We put on the Disney Peter Pan original and she was happy.

As we approached the evening we were sceptical about Missy being tired enough but sure enough she was looking tired. Santa’s pie, milk and the Reindeer food set out, we had a quick bath and Missy was out like a light, with promises to keep in her bed until the morning. Time would tell. We then began the arrangement of parcels and getting Missy’s new bike that Santa delivered wrapped and set up. Then a wee drinky pop and off to bed for us – it would be a long and tiring day tomorrow and we would need any kip we could get, in case Missy decided to venture out her bed.

We are suddenly faced with Christmas and I keep saying how little I take in from these big events, only looking at them in retrospect. I’ll try to take moments to capture the memories tomorrow but it’ll be so hectic I doubt I’ll get a chance. Merry Christmas everyone.


5 thoughts on “Eve.

  1. Not given up on Christmas but I do share much of his negativism! It’s perhaps the interminable build up that I find most nauseating – shite music in the shops, gaudy flashing lights, endless adverts on TV, having it rammed down your throat, the excess, the insincere message of goodwill – what’s wrong with goodwill the rest of the year! Having said that – I did have a great day with friends yesterday. No Bah Humbug button.I’m afraid – you’ll need to find one.


  2. I agree – Christmas has become for some more a measurement of faux-success excess, than it is a measure of love and best wishes. Luckily the shops can be avoided, the TV shunned and the lights dimmed. It’s all but over before we can really appreciate it, but the afterglow of small children dotting about for the few days post-Christmas, enjoying their inquisition and engagement with new things is quite good.

    Speaking of which, where’s my gigantic fucking present, you heartless bastard?


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