There comes a time in everyone’s lifetime when they contract the pox. Chicken pox as I recalled it, was an all-over body condition with lots of wee red dots that are itchy and rubbish. We’ve both had it luckily, so when Missy was prescribed with the pox early last week, we didn’t have the worry of being struck down too. 

The problem with the pox is that it demands complete isolation from all other children, and as such means keeping them at home instead of nursery. Fortunately we both work from home, so we didn’t have the previous headache of taking holidays or calling in sick…not that we ever did that. Unfortunately we both work from home, meaning we have had to juggle the childcare duties between us, and it’s been a struggle. Work goes on despite these setbacks and emails still need answered, phone calls still need made and the day-to-day running of stuff needs done. 

We seem to be coming out the other side now, with Missy up in energy and the pox starting to transition, so hopefully within the next day or so we will be back to relative normality. Keeping the wee one entertained, happy and most difficult, burning energy has been the struggle for the past week. Cabin fever, as Mrs likes say, set in quite quickly and despite walks, chasing around the house and wrestling, Missy still has oodles of energy left at the end of the day. Just goes to show how active she usually is at nursery, when she comes home exhausted.

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