As far as cliché phrases go, and certainly in the phase of life within which I currently meander, there can surely be no more common than “it feels like yesterday.” But then it feels like yesterday that we started this year with a bump, when Mrs lost her job on the first working day back. 

Cut to now in December and not only is Mrs in a new job and loving every minute, but I am also working for myself, we are in a new house, Missy is evolving every day into the little monster we always expected she would be, and we are 2.5 weeks away from Christmas. How the bloody hell that all happened in what feels like a blink of an eye goes to show, the old clichés are valid; time does fly, time is lost, time is precious.

It’s been a brilliant year of learning, adapting and growing both personally and professionally. Next year looks to be one of the most exciting prospective years I think I’ve ever had, with new projects that I am the most proud of, with a line-up of promotional work to be done which I am unbelievably excited to get stuck into and some seriously tantalising collaborations and projects that could launch our wee company into the limelight. 

For now though, I am more aware of letting things glance off of me; moments to be captured or savoured are processed in-eye and not any further. I’m not taking anything in at the time it’s taking place, instead opting to do my processing in reflection and that isn’t the thing I want to be doing for much longer. In the last month or so I’ve flown up and down to London as many times, got stuck overnight in one of these airports, driven the country’s length 3 times, had a rather spectacular celebration lunch in a private dining room of a massively posh Mayfair restaurant (what a wanker), and worked harder than I’ve ever worked. I guess that’s why I’m not taking anything in, because I’m on to the next thing before I’ve had a chance to stop and take stock. 

It’s exciting. I’m excited. 2019 will hopefully be a great year for everyone and everything. I just hope that things continue in this vein; we’ve had so many setbacks personally and professionally that it would be nice to make it through a year without anything major happening. Like losing a job. Or a loved on dying. Or a massive production delay. Or a sudden life-threatening situation.

It would be nice to have a good run. So let’s aim for that, and see where we end up.