🇫🇷 Day 13 – From Hell

Nature’s frightening display of abject violence. That’s the only way I can describe the thunder and lightning that shattered down over Vézeay and Asquins for almost the duration of the night. It wasn’t like any I’ve ever witnessed; the flashes were as intense as could be imagined, with pink and ultra-white bolts searing across the sky above, immediately followed with a crack of such magnitude that you could feel it in your bones. Every 5 seconds or so, for what must have been 4 or 5 hours. Absolutely magnificent whilst at the same time being terrifying.

How we managed to get to sleep I don’t know…well I had earplugs in as usual but that didn’t prevent the body-shock of the thunder, however we awoke to calm in the morning and we dried the table off and had breakfast outside, in what was clearly lower temperatures. We had booked a table at the restaurant we didn’t get to last time, and as we got ourselves dressed and ready for the final day ahead, we watched as the clouds morphed in to dark swirling masses and the cloud level lowered. With what can only be described as a rapid wave, the weather turned immediately and with a downpour of a force several notches above what we’ve ever seen, so began another barrage of nature’s finest. Squalls of wind whooshed over the rooftops as the rain pelted the roofs; downpipes and gutters groaned under the intensity and quickly found themselves overwhelmed. It was intense and startling. The outside table and chairs were lifted from the ground and the noise inside the house felt like 1,000 snare drums all rolling at once. By the time it ceased a good half-hour later we were pretty much on time to head out for our wonderful lunch alfresco style. Needless to say we weren’t that excited about it; the forecast predicted more of the same.

We got ourselves up the hill in the car, as we were heading to the beautiful La Maison Ronde again to pick up some nice things and didn’t want to lumber ourselves with anything that would prevent a run down the street if the heavens opened again. And we’re lazy. Lunch was ok; we didn’t sit outside but had a tiny wee table just inside the door. I have no grasp of French at all, but I know the word British and I have eyes on my face, so when the man showing other people to tables gave them the choice between this set of chairs here, or that set there *points to us* “mais…British” *screws face up and shrugs*, I know he’s being mean. Thereafter everything went downhill with Missy acting the goat and everyone losing their patience. I ended up wolfing my lunch down just to get her out of that cramped place and her wee legs stretching. It didn’t help that Mrs was half on, half off the table and, in a display of incredible self-control, tipped her lunch down her and squished an egg onto her dress, before righting the shoogly plate and plonking the remnants of her lunch back on there, before continuing. The atmosphere was tense.

Lunch over we had a walk up to the top for a final goodbye of the Abbey before saying adieu to Vézelay for now. A few more shops and back to the car to head down the road. We needed to drop off the various wares of the group before travelling to the hypermarché for some bits and bobs for our journey home tomorrow. We are looking forward to getting back home but will miss this place, and can’t help but be annoyed that we still have to drive for 2 days before we see home.