🇫🇷 Day 12 – Chablis etc

Today is the last real day to do stuff; tomorrow is packing day, lunch in Vézelay and hopefully a trip back to La Maison Ronde. A road trip up to Chablis is the ticket then, with possible extension to Tonnerre and maybe Tanlay too. We have drank a lot of Chablis this holiday and it’s only just up the road, so it made sense to check it out…again. We had been 10 years ago when we were last here (ignoring last year obvs) and I couldn’t really remember it that well. I checked out Google maps and saw a nice shop Mrs might like, so even if it was a damp squib town-wise, maybe there would be salvation in home wares.

The weather was murky to start and not as hot as it had been. Last night was another light show that seemed to come closer to us than before, so we did hear some thunder but nothing of note. We welcomed the fresher atmosphere and went wandering; we all seemed a bit tired today but made the most of it. Chablis is a nice little place that is geared very much towards tourism; every shop has signage in both French and English, and most state very clearly that they speak English. I guess this little place relies heavily on passing trade, so makes sense. We get a belter of a baguette from the wee bakers; perfectly crispy and crunchy whilst being beautifully soft and fluffy; a masterpiece, some might say.

A quick blast around Chablis reveals nothing really of note, with exception to La Maison de Juliette; the home wares place on Google. It had some beautiful knickknacks and some magnificent chandeliers, priced remarkably low as well. Missy, briefed not to touch anything at all, heads in with a stride and touches absolutely everything, settling on a small cotton bag of…something. We know it’s marbles but she must like the weight and feel of these little spheres inside the bag and wants them desperately. So we spin around the shop once more and then head back out, marbles in hand.

We decide to head on to the next town over, Tonnerre, to perhaps get something to eat or maybe a picnic if we can find a supermarché. Sure enough we quickly come across an Auchan and stock up on lunch; this shop seems to stock a lot more hardware type knickknacks so I’m happy wandering around for a bit looking at all the wee screwdriver sets and torches. I researched Tonnerre before we left and knew that it had a natural spring, called the Fosse Dionne, that had been turned into a bit of a tourist draw. Recent reviews bemoan a bedraggled state of repairs and we’re struggling to get motivated anyway so decide to pass, instead heading for a stopping place we saw on the way to Tonnerre beside a Winery. We arrive and realise it’s clearly a stopping place for dog owners, because there’s shite everywhere. We make a decent go of lunch in the back of the car and get ourselves onward to Auxerre. We don’t even get out the car, instead driving around the place and generally being interested as much as you can from behind a window. As we head back home we get a call on the bat-phone from the Oldies saying they’ve suffered a puncture on the way home and are currently heading to the car garage in the next town over, in somewhat of a hurried state. We get home and have dinner, get Missy to bed and then, once the Oldies return, head back up to Vézelay for the evening. It’s nice sitting in the evening sun and watching the clouds form in the distance; it’s looking ominous again. The weather has turned nice this evening and we’re expecting a crap day of weather on what will be our penultimate day before we head home, so maybe the evening will turn out quite spectacular once more. It is to be seen; the fact that Tonnerre translates in English to “Thunder” is perhaps one coincidence too far?