🇫🇷 Day 10 – Lunch with Wasps

Another blisteringly hot day. It’s a thing, all this heat. It’s cathartic and good for the soul for a while, then it ramps up and ramps up until it’s like sitting in a sauna, but fully clothed. Today was no different and after an easy morning we headed up to Vézelay for lunch. Parking was a nightmare and the village was unbelievably busy. No idea why but eventually we got ourselves parked up and headed up the street to find the Oldies sitting at a Café well before where we’d expected; the other one was fully booked! So we sat down on the kerbside to enjoy what this little place had to offer. The server spoke in rapid-fire French before catching our startled wee faces and reverting to rapid-fire English. I ordered the Croque Monseiur and it was a belter; the addition of potatoes made it very much a delicious little dish, as well as the bloody excellent ham, cheese and bread.

Our lunch was unfortunately plagued by wasps; there seems to be a bit of an outbreak both here on Holiday and at home, as Mum has been stung twice now since we left. It’s quite annoying because Missy doesn’t really know what to make of it and we’re constantly flapping around her, making her even more alert. The apple juice we ordered for Missy seemed to be attracting them so we set that on another chair and soon enough they all vaulted towards that instead of us. They still persisted mind you, until we left the place fed and watered. Upwards we headed to the Abbey once more before alighting at the macaron Café, Les Macarons de Charlou.

It wasn’t as good as last year unfortunately and everyone was a bit hot and bothered, so we made quick work and headed back down the hill, hopeful to get back into the beautiful La Maison Ronde but Missy needed the loo, so cut our losses and made back to the car afterwards. We needed to head to E. Leclerc again to get some bits and bobs and as soon as the car got going with the AC blasting, Missy fell asleep halfway through a packet of biscuits. Temperatures from 36 all the way up to 40 degrees Celsius were registered and we still face the prospect of dinner outside in that stifling, sauna environment. At least there’s wine and chilled drinks as recompense.