🇫🇷 Day 10 – Light Show

As has become customary, we walked up to Vézelay once Missy was asleep. It’s still suffocating in the heat department but we watched from the Abbey as the storm clouds developed in the distance. We didn’t think much of it; the clouds were moving so slowly that we just enjoyed the two German fellows playing their guitars and singing. After a few songs they packed up and headed off somewhere else, so we made a start back down to the bottom of the hill. We’re glad we did, because there was another musician, this time in an open window above us, playing beautiful piano music. We had seen posters for a concert in Asquins on Wednesday evening; a Chopin and Schumann recital, which we pieced together an assumed, probably incorrectly, that they were practicing for this gig. Regardless, we found a stone bench right below this open window and sat down to enjoy it; the bench radiating the day’s heat back outwards in the twilight.


By the time we got back to the house it was dark, but the stars were really bright tonight and we could see the Milky Way clearly over the Abbey. The oldies were still outside in the dark when we got back, so we sat down to join them and soon had a drinky-pops and the mozzy candle as accompaniment. Soon though we started seeing flashes in the night sky and we knew that the storm clouds had made their way to us; little did we know it would result in a spectacular sound-less light show that extended well into the wee hours of the morning. We’ve never seen such a lightning storm like this; the bolts of lightning frenetic and traversing vast clouds, to and fro almost instantaneously. It was a beautiful and powerful example of nature at its most violent. I made a start to go get my camera during the most active part, but Mrs didn’t want to stand herself so I waited until I could no longer resist the urge to capture this light show. By the time I returned with tripod and camera however, it had all but dissipated and I only managed to get one or two mediocre shots before heading indoors to bed. It’s a shame but then again instead of staring at the back of my camera, I watched the storm with my eyes and captured it in my mind forever more. Still, would have been nice to get a photo…