🇫🇷 Day 4 – Trudge to Vézelay

No sleep again. We’ll get there. Missy is unsettled with the heat and weird noises of fans blasting and crickets chirping. Not to worry; the sun is beating and we decide to make the walk up to Vézelay as famille complète. Missy decides to go at the hill on Scooter, whilst we bemoan this choice and head on behind her, knowing full well in a few moments time I’ll be carrying either Missy or the Scooter…or both. The sun is already hot and there’s little to no wind, so the heat is stuffy and clingy.

Sure enough we get to the marginally steeper section and the wee bullet has given up; too hot Daddy. We discuss best way to get her up this hill and after much protestation and deliberation, we opt for bullet on Daddy’s shoulders with Mama carrying scooter.


Oh boy is it hot. I’m taking baby steps up this hill, loaded with a full backpack, 4kg worth of camera strapped to my shoulder and a tiny little Scottish girl on my shoulders. It’s hard, hard work getting up this incline and I’ve resigned myself to the full body sweat. Missy yawns and rests her head on her hand; this is hard work Daddy.We get to the flat before either heading upwards to mid-way Main Street, or downwards to the base of the hill; we need baguettes so head downwards through the tree cover to buy some before heading all the way up to the Abbey.  Missy is walking now but giving us the runaround. We write her mischief off to the increasing heat and being 3 years old.

We make it up the short stint and with a brief to Missy to keep as quiet as possible, get ourselves into the Abbey, quickly after which Missy drops her hat with a knowingly disobedient look to Mama, then walks into one of the immovable stone columns, heading elbow first onto the hard slabbed floor. To our amazement she stifles the painful yelp until we are outside then lets out the tour-de-force of anguish. It looked and sounded really sore but she’s soon calmed down and we’re back in again.

Another lovely walk around the Abbey and then back out and downwards with haste; the sun is getting too hot and Missy is fed up proper. We reward her bravery from her headlong dive onto the Basilica floor with an ice cream and take the slow trudge back down to Asquins, the bottom of which levels out enough to get Missy, now sugared up and energised, back on her scooter on the final stretch home. The evening progresses at usual pace; dinner, wine and a reluctant bed-time effort from Missy. We then head up to Vézelay again in the evening to look over the vista and enjoy some quiet time, whilst Grandma and Bampa hold the fort.