🇫🇷 Day 2 – Folkstone to Chamery

The morning began about 3am as we all wrestled with the cloying heat, trying desperately to grab whatever rest we could before our long journey to Vézelay. It wasn’t to be; I awoke with a start about 7am with Missy shouting for Cbeebies and her sweaty wee frame cramming itself between my arms. We had a lovely breakfast and I went for a leg-stretch with Missy for 10 minutes before we headed off into the world once more; this time heading ten minutes down the road to Folkstone. This place has been in the news for the past week due to the ridiculous heat the world has been enjoying. Due to this heat, the air conditioning in the tunnel had been malfunctioning and as such the delays for passengers had been circa 6 hours on Thursday, decreasing each day until we checked on Saturday morning, where it had been around 3 hours. As we tracked the short distance from the B&B to the Eurotunnel site, we were apprehensive about what we might find, especially after the small adjoining road had a “Road Closed” sign at its entrance. Luckily it wasn’t for our turn-off and we got straight into the complex and parked no problem. This must mean that we are ok, and a short walk into the terminal for some coffee and toilet showed a modest 15 minute delay to our slot. Happy days.

The Eurotunnel is a magnificent concept – you drive down, drive on, sit for 30 minutes, drive off again straight onto the motorway in France. Compare that to the Ferry last year and all the faff that went with it, the delay, the sea-sickness, the noise, expense of restaurants, loud people, noisy cabins etc. The tunnel is just brilliant – the car is a fabulous place to sit anyway, so why not sit there and be transported underneath the sea? Amazing.

Mrs needed the toilet as soon as we got off the train so dodged into the first services before even leaving the chunnel site. We are travelling in convoy and the other car missed the turn-off and thus we were alone right off the bat. It was ok though, we soon caught up at the first services and carried on down together, stopping for lunch and coffee before the final punt to Chamery. We were heading back to Champagne territory and the Feneuil-Pointillart champagne house to pick up some more of their irresistible wares.