🇫🇷 Day 2 – Feneuil-Pointillart

I like Champagne as much as the next man, but this little place has something special about it. Maybe because it’s been discovered through in-laws, maybe because we’ve drank a lot of it. I don’t know, but it’s amazing nonetheless. Mrs’ parents have frequented this Champagne House for 8 years and after countless bottles consumed, they still make the journey to it every year they come to France. And so it was, this year again, we headed to Chamery and the Feneuil-Pointillart champagne house to collect some beautiful boozy-juice.

Set in the midst of a few houses, the FP house sits proud off the main drag, surrounded by vines on 2 sides. Little grapevines grow in people’s front gardens. Vines at the side of roads. Up through the hills. Vines everywhere. Last year we were late and had to come back the following day for a rushed grab-and-go, but this year we settled in for a while with Mrs FP, catching up on the family travails and sorting out our orders.

Mrs FP poured 4 large glasses but 2 of us had driving duties, so the ladies scoffed the bloody lot. At least the car was quiet for a while after! We all said our goodbyes, promising to catch up again same time next year, and set off on our final stint to the beautiful town of Vézelay.