🇫🇷 Day 1 – North to South

The holiday season has officially begun, and with it the promise of a fortnight in the sun. Oh I can’t wait.

Early start for us, heading down the east, trying to avoid the calamity that is Birmingham and all the traffic nonsense that goes with it. Folkstone, the place where we embark upon our continental adventure, is on the East side anyway, so it makes sense. It proved the right decision as the traffic was mostly light all the way down from home to just outside Folkstone, where we would be spending the night in a B&B before the second leg in France tomorrow.


The camera was deployed just before we got to Peterborough and scarcely thereafter until we arrived at the B&B. A welcome sight after a long drive, the Bridge Cottage B&B is set within glorious lush surroundings in the back-hills of Ottinge. We had a picnic, Missy stretched her legs in a nearby field and we got ourselves packed off to bed to prepare for the second big day tomorrow. Lovely people and lovely place. They said we might be the last people to use their B&B as they’ll be shutting down for good in September, after 10 years of B&B service. Shame but health obviously comes before business. Tomorrow will be a big one, down through northern France, via Reims and Chamery, then back on the motorway down to Vézelay.