Loose End

What a busy few weeks it has been; from weddings to dinners to barbecues to work, it’s been full on for as long as I can recall. Until now, as we enter the weekend with nothing on our books, except for Father’s Day #3. To welcome the weekend in I made another loaf. I’ve been testing various things out and making some big missteps along the way (don’t leave a fully prepared dough in the fridge for 3 days and expect anything close to acceptable), but I had a cracker of a loaf last time, and I’ve switched it up for this one. An 80% strong white, 10% Spelt and 10% Khorasan should make for an interesting result, as well as the sesame seeds I rolled the dough in before the banneton stage.

Pizza Friday’s are always a great indicator of the weekend starting and tonight I made Miss a nice wee simple base, but I need to start expanding my horizons and using some yeast now – it’s the basis upon which most breads like pizza bases are formed, and I want to get good at making what is ultimately the most ancient of baking skills. Only then can I be prepared for the impending Apocalypse, looming desperately dark on the horizon, as we’re lured into a false sense of security with hand-shakes and camera moments.

If anything can prevent that, it’s a sourdough loaf.