Perth Classic Car Parade

We moved back into the district of Perth & Kinross in late March of this year. It was a really stressful time, not just for the move, but because of all that was going on around the move with jobs and suchlike. Then getting the new house decked out and all the hoards of paperwork and forms and everything else blah blah. Needless to say by the time the end of April arrived, it was very much wind-down time.

We love going up to Perth because there’s always something going on. Always. It might be a wee art festival or a marquee at the Inch for folk to booze at and listen to live music. It’s a fantastic city and we are in or around Perth pretty much every weekend.

This weekend we travelled up to Perth and, as is kind of standard practice now, unbeknown to us was the Perth Classic Car Parade. We stumbled in to it with the usual mix or surprise and intrigue; what is this now!? There was a whole bunch of really classic cars there, like a 1913 Ford Model-T! There was also the usual mix of Lambos and McLarens, accompanied by their twitchy owners wearing matching branded apparel. The owner of the McLaren was especially nervous, whispering to the owner of the Ferrari beside him, “She’s just hit your car with her bag,” amongst other cringes. He looked young, which was especially annoying.

Apart from that it was a beautiful day, Mrs and Miss enjoyed walking about the packed streets as I sifted through the crowds of iPhone blasters to try and get some nice shots. We had a wee elevenses at Reids and then off around the streets for a wander. Another cracking day out in the City for the Fam.