Half Light of Dawn

I first heard of Abul Mogard through a podcast featuring Thom Yorke. He was talking about what music excites him and amongst the more accessible ones, he mentioned Abul Mogard and in particular his track “Half Light of Dawn.”

I reckon it resonates more now with where the overall feeling, than it ever has. A deep swell of uncertainty; unsettled. The rise and fall of hope. A smouldering excitement of possibility kept firmly in check, for fear it really could evaporate. It really seems like he wrote it for me at this very point in my life.  It’s a brilliant track and features on an EP with 3 other belters. Circular Forms is its name, and it used to be on Spotify but is no more. So head over to his BandCamp page to pay for it, like I did!

2018 was brought in with some brilliant people in a brilliant place filled with love and hope. For the future. Come the 8th January 2018, that hope took a bit of an abrupt rain check when the company owner of Mrs’ work slammed the insolvency doors upon his unsuspecting staff. A passionless, smirking declaration of an end to life as they knew it. There’s the door, take your belongings with you as you leave. That he felt absolutely no remorse, empathy or emotion for the people who relied on him for consistency and professionalism, only supports the cliché of elitist, emotionless businessman out to reap everything for himself, leaving destruction and pain in his wake.

It’s not all bad. He has to live on being the disgusting wanker who fucked over 20 exceptional professionals in order to get his massive payout. The same guy who cared only that he had the cash to get his next luxury car to fanny around with for a few months before moving on to the next; a Ferrari parked amongst the Golf 1.0L Diesels. We don’t have to be him and that’s a good thing. This is all a good thing. It’s opened eyes to new possibilities outwith the stifled bubble that had been concocted over many years of oppression and fear mongering, and forced hands to try something new. It’s offered other smaller businesses the shot at 20 high-flight, faultlessly loyal professionals whom they’d never had access to; before this vulgar profiteer fizzled away 25 years of effort.

Anyway. I’m fed up talking about him. Some exciting prospects have arisen as a result and Mrs is more animated than she’s been in a while. It’s a shame that excitement is tempered with a rampant sickness bug going around, flooring the wee one first then Mrs quickly after. I hope I’m not next, it was pretty violent.

New designs have started for this year. Work is also well underway for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the new company. It’s really exciting work and I’m finding myself enjoying the process a lot more each time as I use all the collective nous from all the previous models. Here’s hoping the new manufacturer can make a good fist of it.

It’s looking very much likely that the fam will be relocating closer to the business this year which is a really exciting prospect. Exciting is being used quite a lot here, but it’s all pretty exciting stuff! So that’ll take a lot of planning and no doubt a lot of stress endurance as we up-sticks and head to a new part of the world; with new ways to work around and a million logistical nightmares to iron out. The one that’ll take it most in stride is the wee one; she’s the most resilient, easy going, happy little thing I’ve ever met.

She is the light in an increasingly dark world.