See you next year?

It feels like the world is on the brink of disaster. It really does. Apart from a blustery gale or two and some irritation with the new Queensferry Crossing; to me at least, it doesn’t feel like Scotland isn’t really in any sort of turmoil. Yet to look out upon the world is to see a constant stream of incredulous events that are piling up, in increasingly spectacular fashion, each day. Trump, on the verge of having to ‘fess up to his disgusting history and face his sins, is deciding to create what could be catastrophic friction in Israel to distract from his impending doom. The UK Government is in the process of removing us from the European Union with nothing in the way of a plan besides a party popper and a well cut fart. As always, the North Koreans are playing silly buggers with nuclear warhead tests. This is business as usual. It’s frightening.

2017 has been one of the quickest years I’ve experienced. It started with the run-up to the 2nd Kickstarter campaign and all the work that a Kickstarter campaign entails.  A great launch then followed with production and all the unbelievable hassle that entails. A drive down to head-office and 3 days of press meetings and accountants meetings and manufacturer meetings. Photoshoot for promotionals then back home. Another 3 days of travel down to HQ, over to Bienne to meet the new manufacturing partners, then back to HQ and home. Two flights down to HQ for board meetings. A driving holiday to France via Amsterdam and Belgium; a fleeting moment of calm in amongst so much frantic work. Then back to it, leading up to shipping of the Kickstarter campaign, final production of the Swiss Made range and…here we are; 17 days off the fat red-suited man and his bursting sack.

In that time we’ve seen our little girl turn 2, begin to develop her sentences to the point where she has the fundamental grasp of good and bad, happy and sad. It’s the one anchor point that prevents us from losing grip of this-thing-called-life.

To reflect is to catch up on the thoughts that should have been catalogued at the time, but weren’t due to the next thing barging in and taking over. Wow. What a year it has been!

2018 is going to be really interesting, as the business develops and hopefully starts employing us. We are off to France again in the car, this time the long way down, through the Chunnel. We have a new company launching on KS again with so much promise attached, and a little more of expectation. It’s going to be an exciting year, if we make it through to it. At this point everyone in the world is shooting looks around the room hoping someone will soften their expression and say it’s going to be ok. Instead, we’re all remaining stoney faced and impassive to it all. I hope there’s a release soon, otherwise 2018 might very well be our last. Sounds ridiculous to even type it, but with the commanders we have in charge at present, it has firmly stepped from scared rhetoric into the realms of absolute possibility.