Ferme du Temple

Tardenois is a place just outside of Reims where lies a ruined Templar church. Which also happens to be a B&B. Yep.


It seems like a good idea, and the outside is bloody brilliant. Big sprawling grounds with a massively long drive down an entrance road flanked by beautiful trees; the setting sun dappling through the leaves as we arrive to see a blinking great big sand-stone coloured ruin. It’s a sight to behold and a welcome one at that, as our drive up from Vézelay seen us fractured in convoy and tired in spirit. We ended up trailing the way ourselves from Vézelay itself, as the other 2 cars went on in their own way. We arrived well ahead of time but we had to hurry to get to the Champagne place before it shut…which we didn’t manage to do. So by the time we got to the evening’s accommodation, we were all fed up and knackered.

We had a massive big room, which we assumed was the stable or something, but so ginormous that a king-sized bed looked like a postage stamp. When the lights were off; oh boy was it dark and Miss was really unsettled, so hopped in to our bed for the night, making it a night of 0 sleep for Daddy. This led on to the following day’s really long drive back to Amsterdam, via the Champagne house in the morning for our appointment, a bit of a stretch. Anyway, we had a nice evening meal and settled in for the long night ahead.