2 Years Old.

Our wee girl turned 2 today, and it was the most stressful day we’ve had for a while. Hot, tired, hungry, not hungry, happy, sad. All of these things and more. We had a day out at the Château de Saint-Fargeau and despite being an interesting place, our attention was very much on our wee girl and how miserable a day she was having. It started ok but a combination of missed sleeps and lack of interest in food made it an absolute nightmare. Coupled with everyone else’s clear frustration at the racket Miss was making, did their level best to assist by interjecting and countering all our better instincts, which kind of made the whole thing a level-up worse. Anyway, we managed to get her squared away with not too much trouble and relaxed with a walk around the fields.

I can’t believe it’s 2 years already since that wee bullet entered out lives. How quickly time passes and how much she changes and surprises us. She’s talking just and we’re really getting a lot back from her now. She’s really confidently teetering about and it’s tiring being on defcon 1 all the time, in case she falls and cracks her head open or suchlike. But we’re almost confident running and stair-descending, so we’re almost there.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl.