State of Things

Will we ever be safe again; to walk the streets without fear? At this moment, it doesn’t feel like it.

Last night we were oblivious to the events unfolding in London. Our first night out sans baby. Glorious evening of beautiful food and drink. A thousand people roaming the streets, all oblivious too, all in their own spheres of safety. A run down the street to flag a taxi had a fleeting thought inexorably tied to it – am I safe to do this? Eyes peeled for strange vehicles. Who’s rucksack is that there? Why is that car parked at a strange angle? Should we walk down this exposed street?

Edinburgh is a peaceful city. London is a peaceful city. Both Capitals. It doesn’t take a stretch to think of Edinburgh under siege. Those people were just like us; out in the city to relax. To unwind. To enjoy.

Bloke in Scotland Complains About Not Feeling Safe.

I get it.