Baron Fig

I do a lot of my ideas sketching in unorthodox ways – I’m quicker and way more adept at sketching ideas in AutoCAD than I am with a pencil. Doing it this way also cuts out a massive stage in the process; I can get quickly from rough idea to workable sketch to production drawings easier, and retain the design history by copying old sketches somewhere else on the “canvas”.

Another good reason to do this is scale. By drawing in ACAD I can easily print out 1:1 an idea and get better accuracy and feel for proportion than I would if rougly sketched on a bit of paper.

I can try as many different radii, arcs, proportions I want in just a few clicks, and make sure everything is real-world scale that prevents any mis-proportioned designs common to trying to fit a randomly sketched beauty into real-world sizes.

However, there is a place in my workflow for a notebook – for quick and dirty concept sketching, observations and break-downs of other designs, lists of stuff still to do, contacts and other jottable things not really useful or appropriate on a CAD document.

I’ve used a few notebooks in my time. The most prolific was of course, the ever fashionable Moleskine. I tried some WhiteLines books too. Any number of Seawhite sketchbooks I’ve trawled through in Uni. Then recently some more interesting papers, like the Strathmore 400-series Toned Grey.

Mrs. recently updated her notebook for a Leuchtturm 1917, a kind of Moleskine style thing but with more (numbered) pages and a nicer aesthetic. I instead went trawling for the ideal notebook for my needs and found two contenders – The Code&Quill and the Baron Fig Confidant.

I went for the Confidant because the postage was cheaper. I also preferred the dot-grid only, over the weird driver’s licence form styling of the C&Q’s lines on one side, with a dot-grid on the other.. I would be forced to put 1 letter in each segment and it would irritate me, plus it would look like a driver’s licence form.

It arrived yesterday after a prolonged delivery (USA to Scotland) and it’s really, really nice. I’m happy with it. Paper is nice. Dot grid is nice. I like the charcoal grey with yellow ribbon. It arrived in its own wee box, which was really premium in feel.

I’m itching to order 30 in case they suddenly cease production, as these startups sometimes do.

Check it out. It’s a nice notebook!