Apollo 11

In early July 2016 a campaign was launched on Kickstarter for a replica of the Apollo 11 Flight Manual; a true to life replica with every single detail reproduced exactly how it was in the original. Being the Race to the Moon geek that I am, I was instantly on-board. Knowing how Kickstarter works, the ups and downs of expectations, problems, no-shows etc, I was secretly, desperately holding on to the hope that this one was delivered as described. And by gum was it delivered. Perhaps not 100% as described (no Mylar/Re-inforced paper for example) but as an object to pore over that has gargantuan historical significance, it’s absolutely brilliant.


I immediately went to the point in the vast timeline that covered the moment Neil Armstrong left the LM, just to see what the procedures were to make this incredible discovery happen.


The document reproduction is superb. Looking at some of the photos I’ve taken I see a few lines extending beyond other lines, which I guess shouldn’t be the case but maybe that’s how it’s presented in the original – I don’t know. The guy running the campaign, Alistair from Australia, said he transposed all of the original documents in to vectors, by re-drawing it all himself. This must have taken bloody ages, so I can forgive him for duffing a line here and there. All in all it’s a great thing to own, and even more so because it’ll never be reproduced again – this was it, the one and only chance to get an as-near-as-dammit replica of the original Apollo 11 flight plan that took 3 Earthlings to our closest celestial body.

Great job.