We decided to kill some time a few weeks ago by driving an hour out to the antiques centre at Doune. Sounds exciting. The usual trawl around all the knick-knacks and old walking sticks summoned not much emotion. A nice old milk jug. Maybe the odd barometer to stir up the senses, but on the whole, not very much happening.

That was, until I crested the mound of “old tat” and entered into the “new tat” section, where nice bits of furniture, coats, soaps, hats etc are….oh and all the old war memorabilia used to be, including a horde of genuine Nazi stuff – medals, helmets, bayonets…which is quite the startling discovery each time you see it. Why they even have it in there is beyond my comprehension. I remember the first time I realised – there I was just casually browsing around all the wee model soldiers, over to the war-served uniforms…oh what’s this? Medals! Why do they all have wee stickers over….oooooohhhhhhhh. *awkward shuffle away from glass cabinet hoping no-one saw me*

Luckily they had moved this uncomfortable archive of doom to another place, and instead I stumbled upon what I thought at first was a prop from Stingray. Instead it was in fact a large scale model of something called a 1953 Timossi-Ferrari Arno XI Racing Hydroplane!

Looks like something that should be in Captain Scarlet but instead was made as a one-off racing hydroplane to achieve the world water speed record. A collaboration between Timossi and Ferrari, the Arno X1 had a twin-supercharged Ferrari 4.5L V12 engine, producing over 500bhp, bolted to that solid wood hull. It achieved a record of 150.19mph, which still stands today for an 800kg boat.

It’s valued at around €1.5m.

Some good pics here of a replica Arno XI being built. The model was made by a crowd called Hearts of Oak, who can be found here.