Over the Christmas break we spent a lot of time idling about, which was both good and bad – good in that we had time to waste but bad in that we usually wasted it eating and drinking too much. Hey-ho.

One of the time-consumers I stumbled upon was a YouTube chap called Bruno Vassel, an American based in Utah who flies his glider as a hobby, and videos himself doing it. Now I know what you’re thinking, because it’s probably the same as what Mrs said when she saw me watching it – “What is this nonsense you are watching now?”

But you know what, it’s unbelievably interesting to me, to watch this chap soaring for sometimes hours whilst also explaining what, where and why he’s doing things, and what not to do too. It’s fascinating. He’s posted up a video that’s more than 5 hours long, and yes, I watched that too (albeit whilst surfing for gliders to buy…maybe not right now £££).

Whether it’s the feeling of flying that his videos afford, probably due to the amazing camera position and clarity from his GoPro, or whether it’s the idea of soaring peacefully around geography that’s unknown to me, it’s captured my interest. Perhaps it has started me researching gliding as a hobby, so what! I love the concept of using nothing but a good old diesel engine to winch aloft a contraption that then relies on nothing but the rising thermal pockets and vertical wind patterns of mother Earth, plus a good ol’ dose of luck, to transport you away from the bustle of terra firma, and up to the clouds.


Bruno’s Channel