2016 in Review

So much happened in 2016 it’s difficult to think back and sort it all out. I’m at a loss.

The year started off with a blinder – a year of work leading up to a crowdfunding success. A triumph of focus and determination. A lot of blood, sweat and tears of joy.

Post-campaign production pretty much fuelled the rest of the year, with a few unwanted delays and a lot of stress. It culminated in about 3 weeks of terminal velocity stress as we fought through the thousands of orders to get out the door and in to the hands of people who had been waiting for a long time to see a return on their investment.

Whilst that was happening there was work happening in the background to get the other designs either produced or ready for production. Every hour was filled. A few photography trips, some websites, some video production.

2016 ended a bit downbeat with timelines slipping again, but it could always be worse – a bit of slip is preferred to a bit of disappointment.

Outside of business the World lost its composure a bit. I’ve definitely tried to keep things that are out of my influence and control at an arms length. I don’t see the benefit to me or my closest by worrying or speculating about what is happening outside my bubble. My mind has been over-occupied anyway with all the business’ work, so there’s not much capacity to register another serious diplomatic situation or celebrity passing on. I’ve been what they call “ignorantly blissful.” Or as I like to think of it, not adding to the already ruptured worry tank.

So to 2017 – lots to get excited about. A few more launches, a trip to Europe to see a man about a dog, maybe a trip to our cousins over the large pond to stand around and answer some questions. It’s going to be another quick one, so I’m grasping at ways to stamp my feet down and resist the march of progress.