The Grid

A while back I stumbled upon a book that looked quite interesting, probably the dayglo orange doing it for me. It referenced something called the grid, a tool upon which to rely on to set things out nicely….or so I thought.

A few days later Amazon delivered it. What a magical thing the grid is. Turns out that the grid system isn’t just a way to keep things neat, it’s a way to make everything more readable, more enjoyable to read, less fatiguing, keep continuity,  keep legibility and adaptability. If set up correctly a grid system can allow you to quickly populate any form of publication, poster, leaflet, website or book without concern for how it’ll look or feel. The grid makes sure it all lines up, header text falls neatly beside body text, as well as subtitle, caption and quote text. Pictures line up with text and can be resized in almost any way and still line up. It’s a fabulous thing. I’m sold. It doesn’t just apply to graphic design either, the principles and techniques described in the book can be adapted to almost any practice.

The book I bought is called Grid Systems in Graphic Design by a chap called Josef Mülller-Brockmann, and can be found here.