You were born on a Wednesday, at 6:57 in the morning. Nearly 23 million seconds had passed before that very moment, each second filled with thoughts of the little thing growing inside your Mummy’s tummy. That little thing, the little squiggly baby that consumed our every waking thought, turned out to be you, my daughter, the miracle.

Many things go into deciding to start a family, but your Mummy and Me decided to make you because we felt it was the right time. That’s it. We were excited at the prospect of having a little person beside us; as I always said to your Mummy, “it is after all the meaning of Life!”

Life. It’s something.

5 days before you entered this world, my Grandma left this world. She had spent just over 3 billion seconds alive; thinking, doing, loving. She would have been 96 years old on November 30th 2015. During my Grandma’s life she saw a World War and a few more Wars after that, but she also saw a lot of other things; good things. She watched mankind fly up from the surface of our earth, land and walk on the moon that you can see in the sky sometimes. She witnessed the end of slavery, the abolition of Apartheid, the fall of the Berlin wall; good and bad things.  Things that we can only read about now.

She also made your Grandma, my Mum, and watched her arrive into this world, just as I watched you. She created life, which then created life, which then created life. I wish that my Grandma could have met you. But there’s another truth; that Life and Death, my Love, go hand in hand.

I write this on the 18th of July 2015, 4 days since you were born. You are next door in the bedroom with Mummy and you are squeaking. Mummy is laughing and calling you a clever girly. I feel an indescribable happiness. It’s suddenly washed over me just how lucky I am to have you both. I guess I’m also starting to realise that you are here, and you need us, and it frightens me.

I am a lucky man.

Welcome to the world my Love. I hope that we are able to give you everything that you want from Life. I hope that you are able to get everything you can from Life. Whilst I am here, watching my seconds tick along, know that I will do everything I can to make sure you and your beautiful, wonderful Mummy are happy. If I can achieve this thing alone, then every single one of my seconds will have been well spent.

I will Love you forever.