Sailing Yacht Skua

We were invited to join my Uncle and his pals for a sail around the west coast of Scotland; why not! A trip of a lifetime perhaps. We knew he was going to be buying his own yacht but this was a chartered one, and a long one at that; 40ft long.

We got off to a shaky start when my boss decided to click the wrong button on the holiday request form and deny me the Friday off, meaning we had to make our way down later on killing any chance of setting off from Largs on the Friday – we’d have to start on the Saturday.

What followed was a phenomenal weekend of sailing with Alan, Jane and D, Mrs and Me. We went to Tarbert and to Starfish, which is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten in. We went to Lochranza and the Kyles of Bute. It was all in all a fantastic weekend. We had to get dropped off at Ardrossan, where Alan made an absolute mess of getting the yacht in and around, perhaps scuffing another yacht or two. Hey ho. We had to get a taxi back to Largs and drive home, despite the offer of another day’s sailing; I knew how hard it was to get the time off for this, nevermind a last-minute Monday extension. Shame as it would have prolonged the joy that little bit further.

Hopefully we’ll get another sail done when D gets his yacht!