VFEL 2013-2014

Not every year, but some years, I like to compile my year’s worth of photographs into a nice neat book. I did it firstly to challenge myself; give myself a target to reach and get good at using a camera.

This one is a lot more accomplished and covers a lot of things from portrait photography to our trip to Poland, Auschwitz and Warsaw. It’s also got some nice shots from around Fife and Edinburgh.

I use Blurb for my books because they have the best quality and the most reasonable prices. I got in with Blurb right at the very start, when they had just launched. They had a book competition and a bunch of other stuff going on to gain excitement. I don’t participate any longer and just use them for amazing hard-back books.

I’ve started using the higher level papers and qualities as it’s more of a celebration book than just a throwaway thing. I’m looking forward to doing more as we approach parenthood.