Wilanów Palace

Thinking back now, the main thing I remember about this place was how tasty it looked. That light off-white beside that lemon yellow, faded mint green coupled with the architecture; it looked like an elaborate cake.

Inside was some really amazingly old art and sculpture; we whizzed around it not really knowing what was going on or what things meant. I think we declined the offer of translation headsets in favour of Gareth’s take on it, which was probably something like “it’s really old shit.”

But how much we made up for that with the tour around the grounds. What a beautiful place, just next to Wilanowskie river and with fabulously massive hedges, we had a great time walking about looking at the giant cake. Seriously though it was an amazing building and we had a pretty good visit. We then walked around the wee place nearby and saw a cool chicken-wire sculpture.