We travelled over to Poland in April to see our lovely friends and their little girl. It was set to be a great time as we had a lot planned, including a trip to Auschwitz, which I was really looking forward to, albeit apprehensive.

Before we got there though we spent a few days around Wilanów and Warsaw taking in the Polish way. Warsaw is such a beautiful place architecturally but there was so much going on around the streets too; little acts here and there, foodie people and some fascinating people. There’s history everywhere you look, and it has such a massively important history.

We walked around for a bit and then headed out of the main strip, through some really lovely side streets with interesting doorways and signage. An ice-cream window was used and we headed out towards the Barbican, where a wee bird decided to become our pal.

Carrying on around in a loop we found a wee statue that was called “Pomnik Małego Powstańca” or Monument to the Little Insurgent, commemorating the child soldiers of World War II.


After that we completed the circuit, found the border monument from the Ghetto, the Supreme Court with more war memorials outside, and then headed down to the massive park in the middle of Warsaw; Łazienki Królewskie. What a beautiful place indeed. We saw some crazy ornate garden houses, a peacock on a statue, squirrels and enjoyed a seriously long walk through the lush green park, soaking up the sunshine and generally loving our time in the capital.

After a week of travelling literally the length of Poland, seeing the Capital and Wilanow, Auschwitz & Birkenau as well as a botched attempt to get in to the Science Museum, we headed home thoughtful. We had loved our time with our friends and had a genuine life experience at Oświęcim. Seeing our pals with their wee girl, coupled with the impact of Auschwitz made us realise how much we both wanted to start a family.